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2021 calendar has arrived!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived – the event of the year! Our 2021 calendars are now available!
Not only are there the most beautiful cats in the world, but….
Our favorites! There, we’ve said it. It’s politically incorrect, but we all know that each of you have a favorite cat, so why can’t the volunteers? To each his own cat!
Of course, all of our cats are treated with the same care and respect, but in Italy one says “it’s the heart that commands!” and so every volunteer has their special cat, THEIR cat, who they spoil with special treats and favors in any way possible.
Masters of our hearts.
Are you curious to know who they are?
For each month you will find the volunteers with the cat they love best.
But in December, there is something even more special…the month when we want to be with our dearest friends, who after so many years are considered family. We’ve made a heart mosaic, with volunteers from afar and long-time friends. We are so blessed to have so many and would need a calendar with 24 months to include everyone…but 2022 is not so far away!
Please contact us directly at torreargentina@catsdb.com if you would like order information.