2021 calendar has arrived!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived – the event of the year! Our 2021 calendars are now available!
Not only are there the most beautiful cats in the world, but….
Our favorites! There, we’ve said it. It’s politically incorrect, but we all know that each of you have a favorite cat, so why can’t the volunteers? To each his own cat!
Of course, all of our cats are treated with the same care and respect, but in Italy one says “it’s the heart that commands!” and so every volunteer has their special cat, THEIR cat, who they spoil with special treats and favors in any way possible.
Masters of our hearts.
Are you curious to know who they are?
For each month you will find the volunteers with the cat they love best.
But in December, there is something even more special…the month when we want to be with our dearest friends, who after so many years are considered family. We’ve made a heart mosaic, with volunteers from afar and long-time friends. We are so blessed to have so many and would need a calendar with 24 months to include everyone…but 2022 is not so far away!
Please contact us directly at torreargentina@tiscali.it if you would like order information.

Covid – 19

Italy is crossing a stormy sea: it is a very difficult moment.
We had to make a tough decision, never made before in the over 25 years of activity for cats in Rome.
In accordance with the Italian government decree, we will be closed to the public  and we don’t know when re-opening will be allowed.
Our work will continue behind closed doors and the cats will be looked after.
This decision has been very painful, but it seems necessary to play our part to contain the possible contagion and still ensure the indispensable to those who depend on us.
Support us, without your help we will never be able to do it.
We will be back soon.

Christmas at the British Embassy

A very lovely evening after being invited by the British Ambassador to her residence for the annual pre-Christmas festivities.


Friends of the Stichting Buitenlandse Asielen SBA write about us

Stichting Buitenlandse Asielen – SBA

25 October

In de ruïnes van 4 tempels in het Largo di Torre Argentine in Rome, vinden veel katten hun geluk. In de ondergrondse ruimten van een van de tempels worden door veel (ook internationale) vrijwilligers katten liefdevol opgevangen. Dat kan zijn nadat de kat gewond is geraakt of verwaarloosd wordt gevonden. Er is een programma opgezet om katten te steriliseren of te castreren, om het aantal kittens terug te dringen. Dit is een zeer succesvol programma. Merkbaar is dat het besef over preventief steriliseren/castreren onder de Romeinen positief aan het veranderen is. Veel katten vinden een nieuw huis, niet alleen in Italië, maar ook in andere landen in Europa, waaronder Nederland. De SBA ondersteunt al jaren het Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, wat dit jaar haar 25jarig jubileum viert. Op stedentrip in de herfstvakantie, ben ik op bezoek gegaan bij deze kattenopvang. Wat heb ik veel gezien en wat ben ik onder de indruk van de daadkracht van al die vrouwen en mannen die werken in deze opvang. Zondag is in de kattenopvang “chicken meat” dag. En alle katten hebben daar hun eigen tijdklokje op gezet, want dat feestmaal laten ze zich niet ontglippen. Ook op bezoek in Rome? Ga eens langs en laat je verrassen door de omgeving, de passie van de vrijwilligers en alle mooie poezenbeesten die je daar ziet. Vind jij onze steun aan asielen en de dieren belangrijk? Neem een kijkje op onze website . https://www.s-b-a.info/nl/ Daar lees je wat wij voor moois doen met de donaties. En wie weet ben jij onze volgende donateur.
(Het spreekt vanzelf dat de kosten van een stedentrip door het bestuurslid zelf worden gedragen).

English translation 
In the ruins of 4 Temples in the largo di Torre Argentine in Rome, many cats find their happiness. In the underground spaces of one of the temples, cats are lovingly collected by many (also international) volunteers. That can be after the cat has been injured or neglected. A program has been set up to sterilize or neuter cats, to reduce the number of kittens. This is a very successful program. It is noticeable that the awareness about preventive spay / neuter among the Romans is changing positively. Many cats find a new home, not only in Italy, but also in other countries in Europe, including the Netherlands. The Sba has been supporting the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary for years, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. On City trip in the autumn break, I went to visit this cat. I have seen a lot and I am impressed by the decisiveness of all those women and men working in this shelter. Sunday is in the cat “chicken meat” day. And all the cats have put their own tijdklokje on there, because they don’t let that feast slip away. Also visiting Rome? Stop by and be surprised by the surroundings, the passion of the volunteers and all the beautiful poezenbeesten you see there. Do you think our support for shelters and the animals is important? Take a look at our website. https://www.s-b-a.info/nl/ There you read what we do for beautiful with the donations. And who knows, you are our next donor.
(it goes without saying that the costs of a city trip are carried by the board member themselves).

Global Gathering 2019

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is proud to announce a worldwide meeting of its friends and supporters on the occasion of its first 25 years of activity, to be held on 19 October 2019.
25 years of fighting to reduce the number of strays and to care for less fortunate cats.
25 years in which we saw the Roman cat declared the “city’s bio-cultural heritage”, and we marched the streets of Rome for the first Cat Pride.
25 years, often difficult, that saw us fighting for the colony and that have always seen people from many countries, of many backgrounds, of many political beliefs, all joined in love of Rome and its cats.
We welcome our friends: without them all of this would not have been possible.
Rome, 19 October 2019 – Hotel Forum terrace – Guest list