Roma Cat Sanctuary on international TV!

Roman Cats on international TV! Ruptly TV, an international television agency, came to visit us to talk about our activity. Valentina and Monica gave a good explanation, but the real stars were our cats! The skirmish at the beginning of the video between Pantaleone and Satanasso stole the show! Look at the video

Call me Romeo

Rome and her cats: an inseparable pair, so much so that the four-legged ones have been declared by the Municipality as a bio-cultural heritage of the city. Certainly there were cats when the senators walked in the Forum, there were during the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance they ran silently and velvety between the palaces of papal Rome. And so on, up to the present day when the presence of cats still lights the most hidden yet full of life corners. And this tells Call me Romeo, a novel divided into episodes, each set in a different historical period.

Roman Cats on your FaceBook profile!

Don’t you need our frame on your profile? Here it is! And thanks, Elisa IP.

Global Gathering 2022

In 2019 we hosted the first Global Gathering where many of our supporters came to join us for the shelters 25th birthday! We hosted many events over the course of the weekend and everyone had a ball! Since 2020 was such a sad year and in 2021 everything will be on the path to getting back to normal we thought why wait 5 years to host another such event and we took action to cease the day! We shall be hosting another Global Gathering in 2022!