The largest cat at the shelter with a name fit for a king. He is known as much for his sweetness as he is for his temper! Which part will you bring out?

Ceccobello I gatti della colonia felina Largo di Torre Argentina


Saved from the streets by a lucky chance encounter, this cheeky young chap is ready for mischief and adventure!

Signac e Cézanne

Signac and Cézanne

Found on a sheep farm, these shy and blind country boys moved to the big city where their new friends are covered in fur rather than wool!


Living on the street and ears destroyed by ear mites, now he’s retired and the master of mealtimes!


Once wild like a rock star, now he can serenade you with love stories…if he’s in the mood. But watch out, this cool cat still has a wild side that comes out every now and then! Which side do you prefer?  


A disabled Lady from the countryside. Just like a real mermaid, she will convince you to give her a lot of food by her charming gaze.


Psst…this sweet and chatty girl would love to share some secrets for those who will listen!


This beautiful exotic lady can tell you all the gossip in the shelter, even if she’s not bickering with her sister Guava. It’s enough you scratch her belly!


Great shyness and great beauty are the characteristics of this lady. Ideal companion for nervous cats, she will be happy with your caresses: she has learned to trust!


A brave heart! Vandross is animated by a spirit of adventure, contempt for danger and great beauty: we understood this when, after having recovered him in an engine compartment, our President had to look for him for hours… he went to check neighbour’s home! For free spirits!