Here’s what happens to the unsterilized home cats free to ramble: Castellano was hit by car and now he’s broken!
Without a paw and with a spinal damage, he runs after people to be pampered.
Let’s make him feel at home with a distance adoption!


Despite his name, Rockabilly is an introverted guy: he meditates and sometimes hides …
Who will win his heart?


Arrived in the summer of 2019, he is beautiful, good and a little limping.
Maybe an adoption at a distance can bring him luck?
A home for Sheffield … meanwhile very much love!


Cheeky as a monkey and sometimes a little cowardly, Nunu does not stop for a moment: he makes one thing and thinks about one hundred to do! Never a minute of boredom …

Dome II

A beautiful cat with slight cerebella ataxia, that makes him play like a drunk sailor.


We did not think that even cats developed strategies: this beautiful cat had a strange neurological syndrome, perhaps Horner …
But it was enough to welcome him to the shelter that he  immediately become healthy again!
He deserves an adoption at a distance!


Zarqa is a refugee, she comes from Jordan, and her colony doesn’t exist anymore.
She is a healthy, good and young cat, with a great problem: anything new terrifies her and fear makes her urinate without control!
Now she is back in the nursery where she has found peace.


He was called a “poisonous kitten” on his arrival, how angry he was: a furious little black thing!
And now he does not wait for anyone else to cuddle him and make him play!
But he is respected by other cats!

Carlo Erba

A curly tail makes this sweet cat a special one: he came out of his home and probably was hit by car. The trauma left him a neurological damage, which does not cause him problems at the shelter. Fall in love!


Swinging between sweetness and sympathy… here is Mozart, young neurological cat! We were hoping for a real adoption, but he has a leaky faucet that does not prevent him from purring.