He had a terrible abscess on his neck and now demands constant cuddles. Who can resist this face?


In his world of darkness, he knows only joy and can often be seen playing with imaginary toys. Let’s all give him some real love and help him grow up with the wonderful life he deserves!


He may be blind but this swashbuckler brings honor to his legendary namesake Tyrone Power with all of his adventures in the nursery of TA. He tolerates us humans, so he doesn’t lose any playtime with his cat friends!


He may be blind but not to love. This young guy comes from the seaside near Rome and is a unique joy to both cats and people!


Sweet and timid with the most unique purr. She never gives up looking for love.

Cassius & Clay

Cassius and Clay

These brothers are always ready for a good fight…unless it’s mealtime…or naptime…or someone would like to give them head scratches…


If you adopt him at a distance this totally blind young cat will find you for some cuddles no matter where you are! He was saved from the streets of southern Italy and wants to give hugs in return to show his thanks.


What else could one name a gray cat found in a cement factory? Afflicted with a mouth tumor, this middle-aged cat enjoys his life day by day. His love and gratitude can be seen in his eyes. Will you bring him some joy?



The largest cat at the shelter with a name fit for a king. He is known as much for his sweetness as he is for his temper! Which part will you bring out?


Found on a sheep farm, this shy  blind guy has adjusted to city life and become the heartthrob of the nursery, making all the girls swoon. He’s a gentleman and very popular with his buddies too. Do you think you can win his heart?