A young cat with a strong will to survive. She fought her way out of collapsed rubble to bring love and comfort to those around her. Let’s give […]


Once wild like a rock star, now he can serenade you with love stories…if he’s in the mood. But watch out, this cool cat still has a wild […]



Another cat collector victim. She persevered and beat cirrhosis. Cats and humans are her friends. Would you like to be one too?    


A disabled Lady from the countryside. Just like a real mermaid, she will convince you to give her a lot of food by her charming gaze.


Sweet, good and pissing! A beautiful portrait of a shy lady.


This beautiful exotic lady can tell you all the gossip in the shelter, even if she’s not bickering with her sister Guava. It’s enough you scratch her belly!


Great shyness and great beauty are the characteristics of this lady. Ideal companion for nervous cats, she will be happy with your caresses: she has learned to trust!


A brave heart! Vandross is animated by a spirit of adventure, contempt for danger and great beauty: we understood this when, after having recovered him in an engine […]


A cat who escaped a “collector” who had 70 in a very bad state. In his eyes he keeps the horror of his first year of life. Let’s […]


She’ll be fine anyway… This is the ugly tale that people abandoning cats tell themselves. But it took months to pick up, heal and restore trust for this […]