As beautiful as she is unpredictable, Trilly has had many offers to adopt her retracted because of her overly nervous character. Here at Torre Argentina she prefers the male volunteers to the ladies. Who will convince her not to discriminate?


As the large scar on his back shows, Tarek is a not so young, handsome black cat that has had a hard life. But he is doing very well here at the shelter. He is such a charmer that during the times he decides to disappear into the Sacred Area ruins, all the volunteers immediately miss him and worry!


She is a tripod kitten, who loves the company of humans but never lets them actually touch her.  Raptus often has overwhelming unrequited passions for another cat, usually an older man who refuses to return the feelings.  Poor Raptus, will you ever learn that in love, the one that wins is the one that is pursued?


Porthos is a beautiful cat with long gray fur, who loves to welcome visitors at the top of the stairs of the shelter or directly on the threshold – making everyone step over him. Unfortunately he does not like being brushed, so at times his hair knots tightly into dreadlocks making him the first Rasta cat of Torre Argentina!


Paoletto is a free spirit! Because he is lame, we thought we should protect him by keeping him in the nursery. But he managed to escape and now runs happily in the ruins of the Sacred Area, climbing everywhere and sleeping on the scaffolding! He worries us, but we see that he is happy to return to the shelter for food and petting, then a quick nap and he is off to the next adventure


Genziana is a beauty:  beautiful with a wicked character! She could be a cat-model. They say she has the same temperament as Naomi Campbell … very hot-tempered!


Brutus is deaf, blind, FIV positive and has kidney failure … a real wreck when it comes to his health! But he is happy all the same, with his friends Grumpy and Calibano, and happy to accept cuddling and petting… and distance sponsorships of course!


We were sure that this beautiful Siamese, found at a subway stop on a very rare snowy day in Rome, would immediately find a home. But it did not happen and Tichiro has become our creaky old man, for now he has problems with his sight and he moves stiffly on his legs. But he is still as beautiful a cat as ever!


Quinoa is a handsome elderly and visually impaired cat who is perpetually hungry. Maybe he remembers his life when he was found, skeletal and rummaging at the bottom of a dumpster looking for food? Torre Argentina offered him a home and it will be difficult for him to find another … especially if he keeps peeing in his friends’ kennels!


Found in 2008 inside the Temple of Vesta, this beautiful black cat has independent and proud character. A degenerate conjunctivitis has clouded his right eye, making it fascinating and unmistakable