A very cute toothless old guy who drools like there’s no Tomorrow.
Irresistible, isn’t he?


Maybe Kalinda has known cruelty… we don’t know for sure.
What we do know is that she aspires to the title of Queen of the Balustrade!


Another victim of rhinotracheitis, the awful virus that makes cats blind!
But apart from that, Jefferson is a beautiful young and affectionate cat, with a great desire to play and be pampered.


An elderly gentlecat, a bit Siamese, a bit Himalayan, who prefers humans to his fellow cats.
Far away from the young Fantastican warrior from whom he got his name!


This fluffy young guy was living at a tennis club, til an accident badly damaged his tail.

The surgery left him with a magacolon.

He’s easy to love… could he be your “match”?




Here’s what happens to the unsterilized home cats free to ramble: Castellano was hit by car and now he’s broken!
Without a paw and with a spinal damage, he runs after people to be pampered.
Let’s make him feel at home with a distance adoption!


Zarqa is a refugee, she comes from Jordan, and her colony doesn’t exist anymore.
She is a healthy, good and young cat, with a great problem: anything new terrifies her and fear makes her urinate without control!
Now she is back in the nursery where she has found peace.


Swinging between sweetness and sympathy… here is Mozart, young neurological cat! We were hoping for a real adoption, but he has a leaky faucet that does not prevent him from purring.


Rubio appeared among the ruins in the spring of 2015.
He was a beautiful, healthy young cat, with golden almond eyes and a mild character, and we thought it would be adopted immediately.
It has not been so, the years have passed and Rubio is still among us.
He would need a little luck … maybe distance adoption could bring it to him!


As beautiful as she is unpredictable, Trilly has had many offers to adopt her retracted because of her overly nervous character. Here at Torre Argentina she prefers the male volunteers to the ladies. Who will convince her not to discriminate?