A disabled Lady from the countryside. Just like a real mermaid, she will convince you to give her a lot of food by her charming gaze.


Psst…this sweet and chatty girl would love to share some secrets for those who will listen!


This beautiful exotic lady can tell you all the gossip in the shelter when she’s not bickering with her sister Guava. If you scratch her belly and you have a friend for life!


She appreciates the simple things in life. This nearly blind young girl wants nothing more than to love you and spend her time with friends. Making biscuits and being ready for cuddles is her mission!


This young guy is animated by a spirit of adventure and has a contempt for danger. We understood this from when he was rescued as a kitten from a car engine. He’s a free spirit that calls the pedestrian area his domain. Pigeons beware!


She’ll be fine anyway… This is the ugly tale that people abandoning cats tell themselves. But it took months to pick up, heal and restore trust for this beautiful lady cat, thrown on the street like a garbage bag.


This young girl is deaf and suffers from a severe form of epilepsy. The drugs to treat it are strong, but her character is even stronger. Everything she does is honest and with full passion.


Faraone is a big, fluffy and short-sighted cat who doesn’t particularly like us humans. Do you want to try and change his mind?


He recovered from a terrible situation of malnutrition and mistreatment, was misdiagnosed with FIP and now living well with a slight neurological disorder and tilt to his head that shows off his curiosity for life. So many stories to tell in his short life. He may take a break from playtime and tell you some of them!


Maybe Kalinda has known cruelty… we don’t know for sure. What we do know is that she aspires to the title of Queen of the Balustrade!