Here’s what happens to unsterilized home cats who are free to ramble. Castellano was hit by a car and now he’s broken! A tripod with spinal damage, he dislikes other cats but loves bags and people. Don’t tell him he has a disability, he scoots across the floor faster than the scooters of Rome!


Rescued as a kitten in the deserts of Jordan by a friend, Zarqa found herself in Rome. She is a sweet, healthy, and young cat with a great problem – anything new terrifies her and fear makes her urinate without control! Over time, she has found stability and happiness in the nursery…as long as her meals are served on time!


Suffering from cerebral ataxia, he tries to maintain his balance, while showing sweetness and independence. He’s not looking for sympathy and if he doesn’t like something, he will surely let you know!


Rubio appeared amongst the ruins in spring 2015. He was a young, beautiful, and healthy cat, with golden almond eyes and a mild character. We thought he would be adopted immediately. Destiny had other ideas and Rubio shed his mild character to happily rule the ruins and our hearts!


As beautiful as she is unpredictable! Trilly has had many adoption requests but after being diagnosed with kidney disease, her home is with us so as not to cause her undue stress. She entertains and surprises us daily. Would you like to know what she was up to today?


If you see a black and white cat running through the ruins with an unsteady gait, it’s sweet Paoletto! He doesn’t let his lame leg hold him back and he can often be seen climbing everywhere amongst the ruins. He is a lover and not a fighter – everyone is his friend!


Genziana is a beauty with mesmerizing eyes and a sometimes wicked character! She could be a cat-model. They say she has the same temperament as Naomi Campbell … very hot-tempered!


He had a very difficult and abusive start to life. Now a middle-aged cat, struggling to stay healthy. His great loves in life are chasing the female cats, soaking up the Roman sun and being held in the arms of the volunteers who shower him with kisses. Some of the female cats don’t think he is as sweet as the volunteers believe!


He has been with us since 2010 and due to a herpes infection as a kitten, he lost sight in one eye. Narciso lives with a passion for freedom and calls the Area Sacra his kingdom. We see him at mealtimes where he’s always willing to tell us to hurry up and serve! He’s the right cat for people who really love liberty very much!


She is our welcome hostess and can always be found at the entrance to the shelter. Disturbia got her name as she used to be very disturbed due to a very sad background. Over the years she has become a funny, sassy and playful girl who loves practical jokes on the other cats. She can’t be missed with her beautiful golden eyes.