Swinging between sweetness and sympathy… here is Mozart, young neurological cat! We were hoping for a real adoption, but he has a leaky faucet that does not prevent him from purring.


Rubio appeared among the ruins in the spring of 2015. He was a beautiful, healthy young cat, with golden almond eyes and a mild character, and we thought it would be adopted immediately. It has not been so, the years have passed and Rubio is still among us. He would need a little luck … maybe distance adoption could bring it to him!


As beautiful as she is unpredictable, Trilly has had many offers to adopt her retracted because of her overly nervous character. Here at Torre Argentina she prefers the male volunteers to the ladies. Who will convince her not to discriminate?


Paoletto is a free spirit! Because he is lame, we thought we should protect him by keeping him in the nursery. But he managed to escape and now runs happily in the ruins of the Sacred Area, climbing everywhere and sleeping on the scaffolding! He worries us, but we see that he is happy to return to the shelter for food and petting, then a quick nap and he is off to the next adventure


Genziana is a beauty:  beautiful with a wicked character! She could be a cat-model. They say she has the same temperament as Naomi Campbell … very hot-tempered!


A middle-aged cat, mistreated for his first part of life, has struggled to recover his health in Torre Argentina. After a year at the shelter we can say that he succeeded! A good giant, like the comic Obelix, who loves humans a lot.


When he has been found in 2010, Narciso had a herpes and because of it he l lost the sight in one eye. However he was a beautiful cat and we hoped to find him a house, but Narciso has preferred the freedom of the Area Sacra and by now we see him only at a safe (for him) distance. The right cat for people who love liberty very very very much!


Another cat that comes from the sea and become blind after a violent rhinotracheitis. At first she was terrified by the human and feline presence in the nursery, but she now recognizes the volunteers who bring food and is no longer afraid so she loves to be caressed.


Somebody defines him a grey watermelon! Only because Calibano is chubby. But is also blind and FIV positive! Despite this, he knows how to find a beautiful pair of shoes to sharp his nails by the smell!


Very easily in Torre Argentina you will be greeted by a beautiful tabby cat with golden eyes.