Find the purrfect pet

The best way to support the Torre Argentina cat sanctuary is to join one of our cats' distance adoption program.

Adopting at  distance is obviously a symbolic gesture but at the same time allows us to feel our work closer, and to express affection to a cat of which receive news and photographs to show  to friends!

We have many cats, but not all are proposed for distance adoption: a kitten, a young or particularly sweet animal is more likely to find a home.

It will be much more difficult for an elderly or sick cat but also for a delicious kitten with a serial killer character. This is why sometimes we have to say no to those who ask us to adopt a particular cat at distance.

Here you can see a small gallery of our most popular stars: just click on the image, to know their story, and what they have to tell you!



The largest cat at the shelter with a name fit for a king. He is known as much for his sweetness as he is for his temper! Which part will you bring out?

Ceccobello I gatti della colonia felina Largo di Torre Argentina


Saved from the streets by a lucky chance encounter, this cheeky young chap is ready for mischief and adventure!

Signac e Cézanne

Signac and Cézanne

Found on a sheep farm, these shy and blind country boys moved to the big city where their new friends are covered in fur rather than wool!

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We are waiting for you in Torre Argentina to thank you and purr.

METHODS FOR THE DISTANCE ADOPTION OF A CAT from Rome Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary
We ask, for support, € 15 per month to be paid monthly, or every two, three or more months by bank transfer to our current account,
specifying the name of the chosen cat in the reason for payment:

Associazione Culturale Colonia Felina di Torre Argentina
IBAN:IT 09 W 03104 03202 000000820382

You can use also PayPal, it's easy!

We ask our generous supporters to notify us every time they make a donation, so that we can check that everything has been successful and of course thanks them.
For each cat that is distance adopted we send a ”real” photo, with an updated version approximately every six months, for the duration of the regular donations.
To this end we would like to have your e-mail and postal address, which will be handled according to existing European privacy laws.
For every donation and in any case every three months, if the coverage was greater, together with the thanks, we also send news of the adopted cat; if  it turns out that he or she is  lucky enough (we say that distance adoption brings good luck and often it is so!) to find a forever home, we will immediately let the distance "parents" know so that they can share in the good news.
Unfortunately, we also let them know quickly when the news are not good.
In this case, if the adoption is still ongoing it is ”inherited” by another cat, whose ”curriculum vitae” and photograph will be sent.
With a distance adoption you can make the difference for many cats.