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Global Gathering 2022

In 2019 we hosted the first Global Gathering where many of our supporters came to join us for the shelters 25th birthday! We hosted many events over the course of the weekend and everyone had a ball!
Since 2020 was such a sad year and in 2021 everything will be on the path to getting back to normal we thought why wait 5 years to host another such event and we took action to cease the day!
We shall be hosting another Global Gathering in 2022!

On the 22nd October 2022 we shall once again gather at the splendid Hotel Forum terrace: we shall enjoy each other’s company, chat about cats and I’m sure there will be dancing and singing too.
The invitation is open to all and we sincerely hope you can make it: reservation is secured by a deposit of 10 euros per person payable by the 25th January 2021. The minimum number of 90 people secures the venue for us and exclusivity of the gorgeous rooftop bar with panoramic views of the Roman Forum.
The full cost of the evening is 69 euros per head and includes vegetarian food and beverage.
For reservation of a place please contact our volunteer Fiona, or by message or on text or on WhatsApp to +447729220238, email her at fionashaw@outlook.com or send your 10 euros per person by PayPal on fionashaw@outlook.com
She will be happy to answer any questions you may have! It is going to be a wonderful and amazing event!