Interesting collaboration

How many people know Rome? And the theater? And the story of the Roman cats? Together with the friends of Quattro Passi nel Tempo, a guided tour through history and art … to be concluded in Torre Argentina! Infos here

Torre Argentina’s got Talent!

Great show on Saturday 26 September at 8 pm (Italian time)! International guests, web and street stars, music and theater! Everything for the cats of Torre Argentina: contact But immediately !!!

Escaping with cats – a fairy tale by Gianni Rosari

Dear friends, help us! This is a beautiful fairy tale written by Italian most important children’s writer. We need a poet for translation! Il signor Antonio, capostazione in pensione, ha un figlio, una nuora, un nipote di nome Antonio, detto Nino, una nipotina di nome Daniela, ma nessuno che gli dia retta. Mi ricordo, – comincia a raccontare, – quando ero vicecapostazione a Poggibonsi… Papà, – lo interrompe il figlio, – mi lasciate leggere il giornale in pace? Sono vivamente interessato alla crisi di governo nel Venezuela. Il signor Antonio si rivolge alla nuora e ricomincia da capo: – Mi […]

Music for cats

When our friend dies, those who can express their pain with music are lucky. Ross Wilson celebrates his friend Grayson with a song, Little Shadow, whose proceeds are donated to the shelter. Thanks, Ross, Grayson would be proud of you.

2021 calendar has arrived!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived – the event of the year! Our 2021 calendars are now available! Not only are there the most beautiful cats in the world, but…. Our favorites! There, we’ve said it. It’s politically incorrect, but we all know that each of you have a favorite cat, so why can’t the volunteers? To each his own cat! Of course, all of our cats are treated with the same care and respect, but in Italy one says “it’s the heart that commands!” and so every volunteer has their special cat, THEIR cat, who they […]

Covid – 19

Italy is crossing a stormy sea: it is a very difficult moment. We had to make a tough decision, never made before in the over 25 years of activity for cats in Rome. In accordance with the Italian government decree, we will be closed to the public  and we don’t know when re-opening will be allowed. Our work will continue behind closed doors and the cats will be looked after. This decision has been very painful, but it seems necessary to play our part to contain the possible contagion and still ensure the indispensable to those who depend on us. […]